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The cloud has never been more accessible, but getting the most out of it requires having an effective plan and experts who can deliver your organization's specific vision.

No matter where you are in your journey to cloud computing, Cgtechs Technologies offers you a five-step cloud strategy that can help you accelerate your decision-making and optimize your return on investment.

  • Assessment and Discovery : our experts help your organization understand and identify how to use your cloud infrastructures now and in the future.
  • Evaluate Operations : we assess the services you will offer as well as their impact on your employees, your processes and your governance.
  • Proof and Design : Adopting the public cloud can be a game-changer for your organization. Since every business is different, and every cloud is different, you will need to determine which public cloud(s) can best meet your needs.
  • Cloud Infrastructure optimization : is a core requirement of private cloud deployments, providing the agility and scale to deliver cloud services from your physical infrastructures.
  • Migration : Selection of a migration strategy; Application of the migration strategy; Find recommended tools for deployment.
  • Support and advice

Cloud services


Move workloads

Move workloads to the cloud for greater agility, scalability, mobility, and cost-efficiency, and adopt new technologies at a rapid pace to respond quickly to customers.



Manage the hybrid cloud environment to get the flexibility of the cloud while keeping what you need on-premises.



Connect new branches or new sites, nationally and internationally, with an infrastructure that adapts perfectly to you.



Secure data infrastructure and backup to protect your business holistically.



Empower your employees with an infrastructure that scales and supports the fit-for-purpose workplace, while keeping everyone safe.


Manage costs

Optimize the expenses related to the choice of your cloud infrastructure.



Assess cloud readiness to reduce initial infrastructure project costs and increase flexibility and efficiency.

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