Physical security

Security Cameras and Access Control for individuals and businesses

Physical security solutions

Professional working in the residential and commercial security.

We offer surveillance camera solutions and systems that allow you to keep your office or your home safe. Our professionals assist you in the consultation, installation and maintenance of camera surveillance and access control systems.

Benefits of surveillance camera system

With surveillance access via your smartphone you opt for security wherever you are !


Continuous monitoring

Get monitoring your home, professional or commercial premises continuously 24h/24


Loss reduction

Installing a surveillance camera system will greatly reduce theft in your business.


Insurance premium reduction

Installing a camera system decreases the risk of break-ins which can help you get insurance premium reduction from some insurers


Increased productivity

With more monitoring of your business you will be able to see what are the elements that affect the productivity of it.

We offer :

  • Several systems of surveillance cameras
  • Cabling service, installation and configuration
  • System configuration on mobile device
  • Maintenance and repair of surveillance systems
Security Camera Installation

Custom access control for companies

Physical access control can control and manage the flow of individuals inside a building or a site. This is an opening order accessible only to authorized people.
Our technicians install, configure and commission various automatic control technologies, such as the code keypad, the badge reader and the biometric reader.