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System and network engineering is maintaining a well-established dicipline which integrates both theorecal knoledge of systems and networks, along with practical: design technique, security and administration method as well as audit and supervision.

With the expertise in systems and network infrastructure, CGTechs Technology offers high qualified trainings for his clients taught by professional engineers.

The training offered covers all aspects of administration regarding the corporate system as well as the network infrastructure. It also prepares for certification on several flagship products on the market.

Case-Based Learning


Experienced consultants and trainers


Sophisticated equipment

On-site, online or hybrid training

Training preparing for certification

Administration of the Windows system infrastructure

Windows, SQL, Exchange, …

Administration of the Cisco network infrastructure

Networks, Security, …

Administration of the Linux system infrastructure

I, II, III, …

IT Audit and Information System Security

Windows, Linux, Cisco, …

Formations to ensure professional development

By analysing your needs, our team can develop a new customized formation or adapt an existing one that will meet your expectations.

Réseaux informatiques

Computer networking

  • Basic notions about networks (CCNA1 v7.0);
  • Switching and wireless routing technologies (CCNA2 v7.0)
  • Company networks, security and supervision (CCNA3 v7.0)
  • Cisco Network Security (CCNA Security 2.0)
  • Preparation for the CCNA professional certification exam (200-301) and CCNA Security professional

Infrastructure TI

  • Windows / Linux environments: AD / OpenLDAP, IT services, security and high availability
  • Exchange messaging
Ifrastructure TI
Scriptage : Python et PowerShell

Scripting: Python and PowerShell

  • In the Python programming course you learn to program in one of the languages most used by back-end developers, data scientists and machine learning engineers.
  • The PowerShell course presents the basic and advanced aspects of the PowerShell scripting language. Several script writing workshops will be organized to automate the majority of administrative tasks on Windows and Linux infrastructure.


Cybersecurity training prepares for Cisco’s academic and professional security certification as well as security certifications on Windows and Linux.

  • Windows systems security;
  • Security of Linux systems;
  • Cisco network security (CCNA Security 2.0);
  • Security governance
Clouds et virtuaonlisati

Cloud and Virtualization

  • Storage solutions
  • Virtualization solutions
  • Cloud solutions

Database Administration (Oracle / SQL Server)

  • Installation and Configuration of a database;
  • Management of databases and files;
  • Security;
  • Data transfer;
  • Backup and restore;
  • Optimization operations;
  • and more!
Administration des BDs
Office 365

Office 365

  • Microsoft Office 2016: new features;
  • Microsoft Project;
  • Microsoft Office Excel;
  • Microsoft Office 365 - For end users;
  • Microsoft Office Outlook;
  • Microsoft Office Word;
  • and more!

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